How To Shop For Sabian Cymbals

Sabian Cymbal manufacturers have been around for many years and have a very stronghold on percussion cymbals. Because they are so well known, it is good to learn how to shop for Sabian cymbals, and know exactly what to look for when buyin cymbals. They are by far one of the biggest cymbal names out there and have a solid following. With literally hundreds of professional drummers signed on with them, Sabian has a strong line of supporters that love their cymbals. No matter what music store you go to you will more than likely see a huge variety of Sabian cymbals, whether you use them or not. Sabian cymbals are great for rock, jazz, and even Latin drumming. So let’s take some time to look into the history of Sabian, and see what kind of quality cymbals they make in order to rise to the top of cymbal manufacturers.

*Before you go on, make sure you know which size and style of cymbals you are actually looking for. Read my guie on How To Select Cymbals for more info! Also, if you are looking for drum sets, check out my arictle on How To Select a Drum Set!

SabianSabian Cymbals was founded in 1981 in a small village called Meductic, New Brunswick Canada. They were formed by a group of Turkish artisans from Istanbul, who brought their skills and knowledge into this small town to make cymbals! They started out small, by making hand hammered cymbals out of the best quality bronze alloys for a select variety of drummers. This grew and grew, eventually making cymbals for top professionals and orchestras. Sabian now has a large warehouse / factory in their small town of Meductic where they produce cymbals for drummers and musicians across the world.

To give you an example of Sabians presence in the world, here is a small list of professional drummers who endorse Sabian: Tyler Stewart, Carmine Appice, Chad Smith, Neil Peart, Rod Morgenstein, Rocky Gray, Jack DeJohnette, Phil Collins, Vinnie Paul, Will Calhoun, and Dave Weckl – to name a few. Sabian also provides cymbals to orchestras and other percussionist across the globe. They are the only major cymbal manufacturing company to continue to make hand hammered cymbals with the ancient Turkish designs.

Sabian Cymbals

Their huge variety of cymbals gives you an example of why they are such a powerful company. Here is a list of some of their most common cymbals:

Sabian Hand Hammered – The Hand Hammered cymbals offer a more warm traditional sound. They are as the name states – Han Hammered, meaning each cymbal is unique and has its own personality.

Sabian HHX – These cymbals offer projection and brilliant sounds. They are very universal, meaning you can use them in all styles of bands and music getting a great sound always! They are also hand hammered.

Sabian AAX – The AAX cymbals brings bright shimmering pure tones that are very consistent, and very precise Perfectly machined to get the absolute best response anywhere on the cymbal. The AAX maximizes sensitivity and equalization, meaning you can play hard, soft, fast, or slow and get great results.

Sabian AA – A very explosive cymbal line that brings machining to a new level. These are great for live performances. They are very bright, and can be played for any style of music. Very good bargain for your money.

Sabian Pro Sonix – The Pro series cymbal has a very penetrating sound. Machined with brilliant finishes, these cymbals are designed to offer great quality at a reasonable price. They have a very fast response.

Sabian XS20 – These cymbals pack a great value. Machined to perfection, these cymbals offer a medium pitch that can add spice to any style of music. Mid range cymbal that is great for live, but not too good in the studio.

Sabian B8 and B8 Pro – These are the best bargain for your buck. These cymbals come separate, or in bundles complete for any drum set. Bronze cymbals machined in a brilliant finish. Decent sound for the price.

Sabian Quiet Tone Practice Pad - Sabians popular practice pad.

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