How to Buy a Drum Set

Before you go out and drop a few hundred dollars on drum equipment, be sure to read up on how to buy a drum set. Believe it or not, a lot of drummers do not know how to buy a drum set, and end up spending a lot of extra money on something they don’t need. In this article I will set up a few basic guidelines so you will know how to buy a drum set. There are a few basics that most of you will know, but then there are a few things that most drummers rarely think about.

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So before you go out and make the investment, first decide if you are ready. If you go out and buy a drum set before you are truly ready, you could be making a big mistake. You may never want to play it because you are not able to keep any beat at all, which will bring on the feeling of regret. To avoid this, make sure you know you are ready to move to a drum set by practicing on a practice pad for a few weeks to see if it’s for you! When you are ready, head out to the local music store!

When you get to the music store, do not just buy the first drum set you see. Remember you are buying your first drum set, so you do not want to get anything too expensive. Make sure you know your budget before you go out, or you can be misled by the sales men. Your first drum set should be around $200-$500, this is a good starting point. Find a few drum kits that are within this price range and play them. Do not judge a drum kit by the name of the brand. I cannot stress this enough, each kit has its’ own sound and feel. I have seen some very cheap kits sound very nice! So make sure you find one that fits your style, and feel.

Before you make the purchase, you need to realize that you will need cymbals. Some package drum sets come with a set of cymbals with the kit. If you can find one of these, and you like the kit, get it, it will probably serve you well. If you cannot find this, look for a cheap cymbal pack. There are many different brands of cymbals that make lower end packs that include a set of hi hats, a crash and a ride cymbal. This is probably your best bet if you are just beginning. All in all, you do not want to spend over $200 on beginner cymbals.

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If you are not super picky on buying a new drum set, then I would suggest you look for used kits. Check your local paper or internet site for used drum kits. These are usually the better deal, because you can find a decent kit with cymbals included for a cheap price. Keep in mind though, if you buy a used drum set, you may need to replace the drum heads on it. This can cost you around $100 for new skins all around.

Take this guide into consideration before you go out and buy your next drum set. If you are looking for a more novice drum set, follow the same steps, but with a greater budget in mind. Remember that the sound of the drums speaks louder than the name on the front. Also, before you buy any kit, shop around. There are many drum kits out there that are reasonably priced, so do not settle for second best.

Keep in mind you may also need to save for drum muffling, drumsticks, and drum lessons. Get other opinions on buying and selling gear in the FDL drum forums.

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